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In a world of giants, you will not be forced to feel small with Attorney Michael T. Conway. He fought and settled my wrongful termination case for more money than I ever anticipated. He is authentic, a straight shooter, and a true man of integrity that will fearlessly chase the other side up the hill, to get to the truth and guarantee that justice prevails. I highly recommend Attorney Conway- he is, distinctly, the very best in his field of expertise.
- Angela
Attorney Mike Conway represented me in a lawsuit involving an unjust termination by my employer. Mike Conway had more knowledge of business law than the company's attorneys, which not only made them look stupid, but forced their hand in my favor, or else risk extremely expensive litigation trying to defend their course of action. In my opinion, Mike Conway has mastered his profession. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal remedy in a business environment.
I highly recommend Michael Conway as an attorney. Since my sister was an attorney, I can tell the excellent lawyers from the ordinary ones. After I consulted with and hired Michael Conway as my attorney, I discovered him to be extremely intelligent and knowledgeable. Most importantly, he cares about his clients and will go the extra mile to achieve justice for you!
I contacted Mr. Conway in 2013. I was wrongfully terminated from a position. Mr. Conway knew I was wronged and took my case right away. From the time he took on the case, until it's conclusion this year, Mike Conway fought for my rights in court. I found him to be a very tough and determined attorney, I would recommend Mike Conway to anyone needing a Lawyer to fight for them. Again let me say thank for the excellent work.
I hired Mike Conway to represent my sports media company in a hotly contested lawsuit against a rival corporation who opposed us with a boat load of lawyers. Mike is a relentless advocate who overcame all obstacles and prevailed on our behalf. He stood by us when many others would not, has a calculating, risk taking mind and no fear. He doesn't try to overwhelm you with legal jargon and cuts right to the chase of matters. He made the situation as stress free as any human being can and did not fill you with false hopes and pipe dreams only to disappoint as other attorneys have a tendency to do. I would recommend Michael Conway to ANYONE!
Michael Conway is a no nonsense attorney and believes in justice. I have just won a victory over a very large corporation with a team of law firms behind them. Michael Conway does not back down and knows the law and rights for his client. He will tell you if you have a case or not before wasting your time and giving you false hopes.